Saturday, March 02, 2013

Mary Poppins Comes Back

February was too short to get a blog post in but plenty happened.

Last week, on a Friday afternoon just following the kindergarten's hundred days celebration, we were notified that Little G's original (and ineffective) teacher was coming back to the classroom from long-term health leave.  But that wasn't all, the letter also said that she would only be teaching three days a week (not even consecutive days) and we would have any number of random subs filling in the other two days for the rest of the year.

I was the last one to make it down to the classroom after the celebration and I was met by a stream of mothers in various states of tears and fury waving their letters in my face and storming back up the stairs to the office.  The principal, bless his heart, opened the conference room and let us rage at him until the bell rang and we had to go gather up our children.  I managed to remain dry-eyed until I was faced with our amazing substitute, a woman with all the magic and firmness of Mary Poppins, and then I burst into tears.  I felt so helpless (and embarrassed).

After that we all went home and called every school district official we could think of but of course it was late on a Friday afternoon and all we could do was leave messages and send unanswered emails.  I could hardly sleep that night, thinking about what Monday would bring and how I could possibly send my precious kid back into the classroom under these circumstances. 

We spent the weekend strategizing and calling everyone we knew who might have information about how to solve the problem.  People mostly told us that it was a hopeless situation.  Little G burst into tears over dinner on Saturday, she didn't want to go back to her old teacher any more than I wanted to send her.

Monday came and we stormed the principal's office after drop-off.  Again, he unlocked the conference room door and stoically ushered us inside.  He clearly wanted to make everything work out for the kids and the teachers but couldn't tell us what was going on because of confidentiality issues.  I could sympathize with his predicament but, given that we are all brand new, it was hard to trust that he was doing what we needed him to do.

But he was and by the end of the week it was all sorted out.  We get to keep Mary Poppins!  Until the end of the year! 

My next project is to get on the hiring committee.


katem said...

Yay for a good situation (for the moment)!

shisomama said...

THAT is excellent news! I'm so pleased to hear that this has worked out for your family, and that the families were able to band together, strategize and get what you needed. Hopefully, the principal will continue to be someone that will be receptive and responsive.

I'm so happy for you!